Oculus spud tool

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Oculus spud tool

New to the forums? Click here to read the "How To" Guide. Click here to go to the Developer Forums. September edited September in General. Already a percentage of people have received the change. By the end of this week, everyone should have the update. Keep in mind there can still be some natural differences in the screens that won't be affected by this software update. So I don't want to over-hype it.

But people that were experiencing red tint should see an improvement after they receive the software update. If you were previously given the SPUD tool, you should revert back to normal in order to see the new fix. Thanks so much for your patience and continued support. September edited September Great news! Last week was my first using the Rift, had started to notice a red tint [glow] more across the top of the screens. Windows 10 Home bit Intel i5 K 4. September We are pushing out a fix for red tint, that should resolve the issue for many people.

Already a small percentage of people have received the change. Keep in mind there can still be some display issues that won't be fixed by this software update. But the majority of people with red tinting issues should see an improvement after they receive the fix.

Everyone already got the update already with 1. However, certain special features are only enabled for certain percentages of random user accounts. So I don't believe you'll see any update message, it may just happen in the background.

I can update this thread once I've confirmed that everyone got the fix.

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It should be automatically fixed on our end? I suffered from a slight red tint issue in my left lens at the bottom corner, but only showed up during loading screens. So I never submitted a ticket or anything because it was fine while displaying stuff on it. I may still see an improvement included with my update? CardinalStorm said:. If I'm not sure if I'm suffering with this red tint problem, how will I know if it's been fixed Good to see the team have resolved this issue, Cyber, I hope you're all doing OK.

Oculus Black Levels and SPUD

Crona Posts: 2. Also, any chance we can hear about the cause and fix on a technical level? Surely I'm not alone in being interested, and it'd make for an interesting read! Mike1 Posts: Just a couple questions.

What is the underlying cause of the issue? Does it affect everyone? PS I Love you guys haha. So I tried to run my Spud.Forums New posts Search forums. New posts New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Disabled SPUD on oculus and quality improved a lot. HiCZoK Gawd. Joined Sep 18, Messages I got rift in recent sale and Even though it looked ok, there was this film grain over part of the screen. Totally ruining black scenes or just dark scenes. The "dirt coat" even made normal color image look somehow worse. I disabled "SPUD" in registry and it totally removed mura calibration and that filthy film grain. Now the screen looks clear and even.

It was probably talked to death here but I recommend to try it and see if it improves quality of the screen.

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Mut1ny [H]ard Gawd. Joined Apr 4, Messages 1, Does this make a difference anymore? Better screens at some point?

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Just did what it says and don't notice a damn thing different It does make a difference. Maybe You did something incorrectly? But introduces some more glare. Samson4EiT [H]ard Gawd. Joined Nov 11, Messages 1, I did this and notice a difference. Some of the soft glow seems better too but yeah a some extra glare with direct lights. I used "Face Your Fears" as a reference since that's the game that was used in the original post above "Picture of what I'm talking about".

With Spud ON set to 1 in regedit I notice the speckled blacks just on the main menu looking at a all dark scene. Exactly what I've come to expect and what I'm use too given my experience with my Rift. Here's a picture that I tried taking the best I could with my S8.Submit a concept document for review as early in your Quest application development cycle as possible. This section covers the tools that you should use when tracking down performance problems.

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The reason for discussing a number of different performance optimization tools in this guide is to provide guidance regarding the workflow, or the decision tree, that you need to follow when triaging and resolving issues.

Typically, when you are working on a graphics problem, your application may be crashing, you may see a black screen, or you may experience slow performance, perhaps due to high latency issues. However, there are many conditions that can lead to the same types of problems, and you want to find the root causes of the symptoms that you are seeing. The tools introduced in this section enable you to quickly rule out large classes of problems, and then to drill down to the underlying issues.

The following optimization tools help you to isolate and resolve performance problems:. This tool captures eye displays for any frames that your application drops, and lets you replay just those frames while viewing performance statistics and graphs.

This helps you to quickly get a sense where your application is failing to maintain frame rate. In many cases, this may be sufficient for you to discern what the problem is. Lost Frame Capture is an offline analytical tool: you place the tool into capture mode, run your VR application, stop the capture mode, and then step through the dropped frame content offline, as desired.

This makes it possible to easily share the lost frame data with others who can then reproduce the scenarios where frames are dropped, and help to diagnose the underlying issues. For more information, see Lost Frame Capture. It can be used with any GPU hardware, however. A second component of FCAT VR imports the event tracing data that is captured by ETW and displays charts that help you to analyze frame timing, dropped frames, warped frames, synthesized frames Asynchronous SpaceWarpreprojection, and other issues.

This information display can help you to associate performance issues with specific contexts within your VR experience, and to experiment with those situations in real time. You can view statistics such as how many compositor frames are being dropped, how much time the application is taking to render frames, how much time the compositor is taking to render frames, and so forth.

For example, suppose your application is CPU bound, and is stalling around physics processing and draw call submissions.

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Even though the application is CPU bound, it can have a stack in the draw call generation, in which case you may want to use more batching. A tool such as GPUView can help you to narrow down this type of issue very precisely, so that you know exactly what needs to change in your code.

You can also call the SDK directly to obtain the same statistics displayed in the Oculus Performance HUD, and then utilize those statistics within your code as desired. For example, you could write specific statistics to a console output, or invoke a debugger when a certain condition arises. This analytical tool produces graphs based on the same types of statistical data that are available directly from the SDK and within the Oculus Performance HUD. You might use these graphs if you need to analyze patterns that play out over a given time period.

For more information, see Performance Profiler. ETW is a trace utility for performance analysis. It collects event data while the VR application is running, and then saves that data to event trace log. Performance analysis using ETW is centered on the events generated by the Windows kernel, which provides extensive details about the operation of the system.

WPA provides a top-down view of the trace output, including contextual information that helps you to understand the system load. When WPA loads a trace, the view it shows of that trace is a hierarchy of events that led to each other.What's new New posts Latest activity. Log in Register. Search titles only. Word Count:.

oculus spud tool

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Oculus SPUD registry setting? Thread starter NeilF Start date Aug 14, Any of you Oculus owners aware of this?

Tried it? AstroCreep said:. When I first got my Rift a year ago, I had a problem with blacks appearing as dark red. Oculus sent me a spud tool so I could disable spud. It definitely made the blacks black, but it also caused a horrible grid to appear in space instead of dust clouds, as well as other problems.

oculus spud tool

Anyway, several months later Oculus finally corrected their drivers or something and I stopped using the spud tool as it looked better using the standard settings. Sure, if you look for it you can sometimes see the dust layer, but I only notice it if I'm looking for it.

I think I'm usually focused past it or just too busy enjoying other things to give a crud about it. But all Rifts may not be the same. Odd, I see the mura effect only in pitch black scenes, but it'a so dark I can only just about make out the pattern. I don't know if I'm lucky or whatever, but the pattern is so dark as to be insignificant.

All these complaints about widely ranging image quality suggests to me that the QA on Rift panels leaves a lot to be desired.

Tested this last night. And indeed black levels has dropped to proper black. I do have some dirty screen artefacts in certain shades afterwards on my right panel. But I always had those on my left, so now it's more even. And better blacks. I'm leaving this disabled for a bit. Last edited: Aug 15, The black and grey levels are VERY nice nevertheless and everything looks sharper imho. But the texts in the station services to "flicker" and warp if I move my head.

My suggestion: give it a try and disable it if you don't like it. You must log in or register to reply here. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Accept Learn more…. Top Bottom.Submit a concept document for review as early in your Quest application development cycle as possible.

VRC Validator ensures that your app meets most of the Rift VRC guidelines and can reveal issues that must be addressed before your app can pass the review process. Using VRC Validator when your Rift app nears completion is a good way to make sure you are on the path to meet technical and performance-related requirements. Some of the issues VRC Validator can assist you in identifying and fixing include:.

In addition to providing results based on the various technical tests, VRC Validator provides guidance via relevant documentation and best practices to help you resolve issues. VRC Validator can run all default tests at once or selected tests based on which parts of your app concern you. If the file is not present, reinstall the latest version of the Oculus runtime and the tool should be installed. You do not need to wear the Rift during the tests, but one must be set up and connected to the PC running the tests.

Each test should take between 10 to 30 seconds to complete. If a test does not complete in this time range, please re-run the test.

The tests results are written to the command prompt window. You can also log the test results to a. VRC Validator will retry the tests if any events were lost while the application was being evaluated. For example, to run the TestEntitlementCheck test, you would enter the following command:. For example:. In addition to providing test results, log files may also provide links to relevant documentation and best practices to help you resolve issues.

In some cases, it may be necessary to add a delay before each test begins so you can navigate to a specific part of your app that needs testing. The duration is measured in milliseconds. For example, the following command delays the start of tests for 30 seconds:. To make the tests wait until you press Enter in the command prompt window, specify a duration of 0. The command prompt window must have focus.

Here is an example:. To use this GUI interface, follow these steps:. The Validate App dialog appears. For Executable Pathbrowse to an executable VR application that you want to test. For Argumentsenter any of the command-line arguments that you want to specify for the VR application. Then select the VRC tests that you want to run.

In this example, three VRC tests are selected. Click OK to run the tests. The Validating app dialog appears. In the left panel, a check mark indicates a successful test, an x indicates a failed test, and an animated clock icon indicates a test that is currently underway.

Detailed results are shown in the right panel. If your app fails any of these default tests, it is likely to fail its official Oculus Store technical review.

There are also a number of optional tests. These tests are not run during Oculus Store technical review, but ensuring that your app can pass them adds quality to your app. Default Tests in order they will be tested.

Optional Tests in order they will be tested. This section provides additional information on the tests run by VRC Validator. Tests if your app performs an Oculus Platform entitlement check within 10 seconds of launch.New to the forums? Click here to read the "How To" Guide.

Click here to go to the Developer Forums. Hellfiend Posts: August in General. Hey guys Can i turn off the Spud always or it is not safe?

As it removes the red mist tor me. I opened a ticket with the support didnt get a response yet. Your help is highly appreciated. August For that reason I have not used it since and just put up with, and gotten used to the red mist because it is largely unnoticed and I got used to it anyway as it does not impact most games.

Would be interesting to know more about it and whether a long term fix is in the works somewhere.

oculus spud tool

Thanks bud i guess ill gt used to it. August edited August Why is anyone putting up with red tint? Get support to replace your Rift. How long did it take u to get a replacement? Several weeks, but I've heard that support is more responsive now. I was not given the option of a replacement and never heard of anyone else getting a replacement due solely to the issue of Red mist. I would gladly accept a Rift that has zero of this effect but we are led to believe all CV1 units have it in varying degrees.

Yeah I was speaking too broadly saying that but more than a few people experience it and maybe some just do not notice it at all because it is very faint. I think mine is more noticeable because it is not uniform. I got mine replaced, but I did have it worse than some people. Coincidentally it is also mostly the left screen like yours was.

I am wondering now whether I have left it too late to request a replacement? I have had my Rift since June so about 2 months now. But reading of goldenegg experience does make me want a Rift that does not have this problem and suggests I should be able to seek a replacement.

Hey guys Based on my last email i got from support which was yesterday you can disable the spud and it does not void your warrenty. Just out curiosty people who went the replacement route did you have to pay for shipping?

Was it long to get a new one? To be honest mine is not that bad and i am afraid ill get another with a worser problem. What do u think guys? Replace or live with it? Yeah I know how you feel and I have gotten used to it to some extent but it is there and in certain lighting conditions is very noticeable.

Oculus Debug Tool

But like you say, what if the replacement is worse?New to the forums? Click here to read the "How To" Guide. Click here to go to the Developer Forums. January in Support. Just wondering if its possible to get a boost out of my system, is the tool still available that can boost graphics and can someone point me to a guide on how to use it. My specs; GTX i7 K 4. Tagged: debug tool Developer Tool super sampling. Techy Posts: 6, Volunteer Moderator.

January edited January And the tool is in the Oculus sdk. A PC with lots of gadgets inside and a thing to see in 3D that you put on your head. January Remember that you need to keep it running for the setting to stay. Hex core rocks! Techy said:. The K is nearly equal to the K. I watched a few reviews and the FPS increase is negligible mate. Erm question Have a look see here.

Explains a little. I was reading an article about dx12 and how different multi cores perform, it seemed to suggest that it kind of hits a wall at about 6 cores and after that improvements were minimal.


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